What to ask yourself before returning to the former

After the departure of a loved one, we are tormented by mental pain, we are alone, we lack the former passion. But if you are already making plans to return the former to your life, stop and ask yourself a few fundamentally important questions. And try to answer them honestly.

We are talking about your emotional mood and approach to relationships. Having parted with a loved one, some are depressed and refuse to get out of bed in the morning. Others spend the whole day on social networks, tracking and analyzing every trifle from the life of a former partner: “And what he did in a Vinno bar? He always loved beer more!”. No matter how you worry about parting, a completely natural human desire to return the old happy days arises.

They say we begin to appreciate something only when we lose it. Parts are always painful, and it is not surprising that we want to drown out the pain, returning the former

Termenul englez de Amici cu Benetit, care uneori se traduce ca „prieteni cu bonusuri” sau „cu privilegii”, înseamnă prieteni, priligy pret care există relații sexuale. Adică, acesta este un cuplu care face sex din când în când fără obligație și nu consideră că merită ceva mai mult. Doar ele sunt atât de convenabile.

passion and again falling in love with the partner who left us – just as for the first time. When the head hurts, we take aspirin, and in the same way it begins to seem to us that heart pain can be calm down if you establish relations with the former/former.

That is why on the Internet literally everyone who is not lazy is a blog promising to share secret techniques, allegedly allowing you to easily return love. You can watch a video one after another on how to cause him/her jealousy and how to make him/her again give you again – and even stronger than before. You can read step -by -step guides about how to make him or suffer from longing for you and curse the day when they said that it was all over.

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