Fun Drinking Games for Couples Game Night | The Drinking Board Game for Parties That Combines Beer Pong + Flip Cup + Kings Cup Card Game and All The Best Drinking Games


Material Board Game
Theme drinking games, board games for adults, outdoor games, camping games, board games, party games, table top games
Genre Party, Entertainment, Strategy, Role Playing, Trick Taking
Number of Players 2-12

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  • UNLEASH THE FUN with DRINK-A-PALOOZA drinking game, your ultimate party starter! This adult board game cranks up the party vibe with the thrill of pong, quarters, flip cup, plus a whole lot more into a single epic game-night! The only board game for adults to go viral and deemed the Monopoly of Drinking Games! We mixed your favorite adult drinking games with classic card games and made them a thousand times tastier!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Get your drinking crew over for a fun game night full of drinking. Grab some drinking glasses, your favorite beverage and roll the dice to get your night started. GAME ON! If you land on a Drinking Card spot (Kings Cup, High / Low, etc.) draw a card and play that group card game. Land on Party Foul and you’ll be cracking up the competition with your antics. Roll a Challenge Space and spin the bottle to choose your opponent¦ then battle it out in flip cup, pong and quarters to win mini bottles.
  • PROVE YOUR SKILLS with Multiplayer Madness: Challenge your friends and compete for miniaturized bottles. Fill your six-pack to become the ultimate champion. Play head-to-head or up to 12 players. This board game for adults fits perfectly on any kitchen table, making it a perfect party game for adults and couples game night.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: No pong table required! All you need are some plastic cups, a table, and DRINK-A-PALOOZA to kickstart your day drinking or nighttime fiesta. It’s more fun than any single night can handle, putting your social and gaming skills to the ultimate test. Toss it in your camping gear, play outdoors or pack it up for bachelor and bachelorette bashes. Break DRINK-A-PALOOZA out at your next white elephant party and prepare for a party like no other!
  • ALCOHOL NOT REQUIRED: Our game does not require alcoholic beverages, so don’t feel pressure to drink. You can play with water, beer, wine, soda, or any of your favorite beverages making it fun for the whole family. Bring it on your next camping trip or play outdoors. You don’t need to drink to have fun. If drinking, please DRINK RESPONSIBLY.
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Take your game night to the next level with DRINK-A-PALOOZA – the ultimate adult party board game that’s like a boozy blast from your college days. We’ve mashed up all those classic drinking games like pong, quarters, flip cup, and more into one epic, unforgettable experience. Whether you’re kickstarting the party or settling in for a night of sipping, flipping, bouncing, and rolling your way to glory, DRINK-A-PALOOZA is the gotta-have game for your next BBQ, bachelor blowout, dorm hangout, pregame, or chill game night at home. Play solo or gather up to a dozen partiers for the fun. It’s a game that fits your crew’s size and energy, no doubt.

We didn’t just give the classic drinking games a makeover; we cranked up the fun factor to a thousand! It’s a non-stop thrill ride of fun that’ll push your social and gaming skills like never before. This game is an endless whirlwind of good times. Compete with your buddies to snag mini booze bottles; the first one to fill their six-pack takes home the win. But don’t be fooled – you gotta bring your A-game in all those featured games, not just pong. DRINK-A-PALOOZA lets you decide how deep you wanna dive in. Use it to kick off the party or let it be the main event of the night. Every round, you’re embarking on a new drinking odyssey, keeping the good vibes flowing for hours on end! So whether you’re starting the party at your crib or crashing at a buddy’s, DRINK-A-PALOOZA’s got your back when it comes to grown-up game night fun.



Be the Life of the Party!


Pick the six-pack that matches your drinking style – are you the Life of the Party or a total Hot Mess Express after a few?


Give that bottle a spin to decide who kicks things off, then roll those dice to get the party started!


Hit those Challenge spaces and dive into the epic showdowns of flip cup, pong, and quarters right on the game board. Win, and you’ll snag yourself a mini booze bottle to keep the party going.

Land on Card spaces, and it’s time to face off in classic card games like Kings Cup, High/Low, and more. Lose, and it’s bottoms up! And don’t forget about those Party Foul Cards, packed with hilarious dares and jokes you’ll be praying to pick!


As the game rolls on, you’ll be swiping mini booze bottles left and right, and you might even find yourself in the infamous Drunk Tank! Roll your way out to jump back into the action.

This game is a whirlwind of mini-games and face-offs that’ll put your party skills to the test. You’ll need a mix of funny tasks, some lucky rolls, and the skills to party hard. Outdo your rivals to rack up those mini booze bottles. Fill up your six-pack, and you’re the champ of the night!

UNLEASH THE FUN with the Ultimate Party Starter!

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